Yes I am single

(1)Let’s just hold this string of happiness one end you and the other end meet’s just trusted each other with our lives. Let’s just promise each other we would never be each other’s reason for the slackened grip(2)How can you be there and not be there at the same time? Why can I feel you & not feel you at the same time? I can never be yours and you can never be mine, is what the world said. I scream out to you to let you know my outmost sincerity but my voice gets lost somewhere in the deep blue ocean they say the ocean is the sign of life say the ocean is why you can’t be mine

Lately I have been thinking..

Sometimes it becomes necessary to get to grips with the fact that you are all by yourself.

I mean it isn’t as sad as it sounds. The acceptance is the last stage of this vicious circle of feeling void. And mind it, you must not confuse this with loneliness. It’s just that you are just not 100% open to everyone that’s around you or vice versa.

The voices that tremble

The voices that murmur

The voices that aren’t sure

The voices that hurt

The voices that violates the well being of one’s mind

Make it go away

3rd Day of Terror

Day 3 of being trapped. I am still scared. Scared of the diminishment. It’s like I am all alone in this island of terror. Unlike any other island, it lacks colour. It does not have any shine or brightness. It is like a movie with an old filter. I am losing grip. The only thing that is stopping me from floating away in the unknown is a gadget. I am spending hours on youtube just to make myself realize that my senses are working. Binge watching these videos is making me feel a little bit better and helping me escape this weird feeling for a little while. Today I was scared to wake up from my sleep because I am tired of feeling this way.

Breathing, Lost?

I am going crazy. I feel like I am going to turn into nothing. I am crying for help but no one is to listen. Where am I trapped? Where is my soul trapped? Take me back to the sunny meadows where I can feel the warmth. Take me where I can feel. Take me where I can be me again. Take me back. Take me back. It’s scary here. It’s dark here. Help me.


I wish you could know it was me.

It was me who wept your tears.

It was me who prayed for your fears.

It was me who sent you those texts.

It was me who you fell in love with.